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Centrala de incendiu conventionala Unipos FS4000/6



Centrala de incendiu conventionala Unipos FS4000/6


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Informatii detaliate

Centrala de incendiu conventionala Unipos FS4000/6

Centrala FS4000/6 este conceputa pentru a functiona cu senzori de incendiu conventionali si puncte de apel manual pe 6 zone. Panoul beneficiaza de iesiri pentru dispozitive active externe.

Specificatii tehnice:

Numar zone

Numarul maxim de detector intr-o zona: 32

Rezistenta maxima pe o zona: 100 Ohmi


Consum energetic

In conditii de avarie: 0-6mA

In conditii normale: 6-16mA

In conditii de incendiu: 16-80mA

La scurt circuit: >80mA



-        Control pe zonele de alarma si iesiri controlabile in conditii de avarie (scurt circuit si intrerupere) si resetare automata

-        Detectia sau inlaturarea senzorului si resetarea automata

-        Identificarea punctelor de apel manual

-        Iluminare LED pentru starea de alarma si urgenta

-        Intarziere a iesirilor pentru conditii de incendiu pentru o perioada de 1 pana la 7 minute dupa inregistrarea starii de incendiu

-        Indicatie stare dispozitiv pentru transmiterea de date prin RS-485

-        Incorporat buzzer pentru conditii de incendiu, dar si pentru conditii de avarie

Specificatii tehnice detaliate:

Fire alarm lines:

   - Maximum number of fire detectors in a line

   - Connecting line

   - Maximum resistance of a line

Current thresholds for:

   - Fault condition

   - Duty mode

   - Fire condition

   - Short circuit

Monitored outputs for fire condition:

   - Number

   - Type

   - Electrical characteristics


Relay outputs for fire condition:

   - Number

   - Type

   - Electrical characteristics


Relay output for fault condition:

   - Number

   - Type

   - Electrical characteristics


Relay output for fault condition:

   - Number

   - Type



 - Electrical characteristics






100 


0 – 6 mA

6 – 16 mA

16 – 80 mA

> 80 mA


- 2 pcs

-potential, relay with independent control

- (19-27.5)V DC/1 A



- 2 pcs

- potential-free,1 switching,     1 NO

- 3А/125V AC, 3A/30V DC



-  1 pcs

- potential-free, switching

- 3А/125V AC, 3A/30V DC



- 1 pcs.

- none-monitored type activated on short-circuit (from potential free contact)

- 5 VDC on normal open state

- 0 VDC in activation mode



-    Control over fire alarm lines and controllable outputs for fault conditions (short circuit and interruption) and automatic reset.

-    Detection of removed fire detector and automatic reset.

-    Identification of manual call points.

-    LED indication for alarm state and emergency.

-    Delay of outputs for fire condition with time period of 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6  or 7 minutes after fire condition is registered.

-    Option for ''LOGICAL AND '' realization of two fire alarm lines.

-    Duty Mode condition with direct activation of Fire Condition 2nd Stage '' for two fire alarm lines.

-    Status Indication of the device for data transmission RS485.

-    Option for switching  on/off  interface RS485 communication.

-    Built-in sounder for fire condition – one tonal, continuous, can be switched off.

-    Built-in sounder for fault condition – one tonal, discontinuous, can be switched off.

-    Test mode for fire alarm lines.

-    Disabling fire alarm lines.

-    Disabling outputs for fire condition.

-    Expanding the options by means of extra relay outputs for fire condition for each line and built-in RS485 for operation in a local network.

- Input for remote Reset fires operation;


Indications of registered events:

   - Light indication

   - Sound

Power supply

   - Mains:



   - Backup batteries:

          Battery type

          Number of batteries

          Nominal voltage of the backup battery

          Nominal capacity C20

          Charge voltage




- Built-in buzzer



(100-240)V AC

50/60 Hz


lead, gel electrolyte

2 pcs


(4,5) Ah

28V DC


Operation in Duty mode upon interruption in main power supply:


2 lines

4 lines

6 lines

8 lines

                     24V / 4,5Ah

                        120 h

                          98 h

                          80 h

                          68 h

         24V / 1,2Ah

              32 h

              24 h

              20 h

              16 h


Consumption on backup batteries supply:

Configuration of 2 lines

Configuration of 4 lines

Configuration of 6 lines

Configuration of 8 lines                


Power supply to external devices:

   - Voltage

   - Maximum current value (including current of contr.outputs)



- Main supply 230V - 4.0 A

- Backup battery - 6.0 A

- Power supply to external devices - 1.85 A automatic

- Monitored outputs - 1.1 A automatic


Dimension - 313mm х 218mm х 85mm


Weight (backup batteries not included) - 1,5 kg

< 35 mA at 24V DC

< 45 mA at 24V DC

< 55 mA at 24V DC

< 65 mA at 24V DC



(19-27)V DC








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